The Alex Cohn Grant


Remembering Alex Cohn 

Alex Cohn was 18 when he died. He was sharp, funny, disarming and always ready to go with an arsenal of wisecracks. When Alex was around, life wasn't so serious. This isn't a quality we typically celebrate. That's too bad. Life can be hard, and being able to take it all in with a grain of salt is about as good as any solution there is... 

The Birth of Our Idea

The idea for this project was sparked over a casual conversation where we discovered a commonality. We have both been through the experience of having people ask us, “So… then is your family communist?” as well as the resulting confusion as we explained that “No. Actually our families are direct victims of communist dictatorships”. It was these very explanations that led us to think more about the victimization of our families by their home governments. As our idea grew, we realized that there were more similarities between our families stories than we thought. So began the research, and the conversations, and the journey.