Response to COVID19

COVID19 has caused a rise in support for Communism. Now more than ever, there is a sense of global community as people begin to recognize each other through the lens of tragedy. People are personally being affected by the downfalls in a private healthcare system. As people in America lose loved ones because they were unable to receive medical attention, they begin to look at other countries, specifically places like Cuba where the Universal healthcare system has helped to save and protect millions of its citizens. Communist countries in asia have begun appealing to the youth through social media. Vietnam made a viral TikTok song and dance encouraging its people to wash their hands and educating them on the dangers of COVID19. The success communist countries have reported in slowing the spread of the virus has many suspicious of their validity. However it is important to understand that those in power in these countries were able to quickly shut down the borders and mandate safety precautions. 

Covid 19


Image by Jason Gamble



Image by Tran Phu