Covid Cover Ups

Since the initial outbreak of Covid 19 Vietnam and North Korea have reported low numbers of cases. Despite being surrounded by countries that experienced difficulty containing the virus Vietnam claims over a 97% recovery rate with only 35 deaths, and North Korea has refused to confirm any cases of Covid 19. Both countries, in addition to China, have been accused of flattening the curve and falsifying their reports. As communist countries the government has control over almost all media especially international reports. 


China was the first country to be attacked by the virus and had significant trouble containing it. After the first surge in late December, China claimed to have regained control of the deadly spread. However the preceding months proved this to be false. In April many countries began to doubt the validity of the reports coming out of China after considering the possibility of a cover-up plot by the Chinese government. While these claims have not been confirmed there are still a few investigations in progress.  


Just before Covid’s strike, Vietnam’s government had been facing some scrutiny. So those in power may be using Covid as a way to restore faith and gain favor with the public. Vietnam has been able to quickly and efficiently trace and contain cases by mobilizing healthcare and increasing security. This system and its success has led to a global rise in approval. Additionally, Vietnam has been praised for its transparency in comparison to China. While their Covid response has been greatly publicized and effective, all public reports are released by the Ministry of Health. No information is outside the government's control and all news is closely monitored. Whether the accolades Vietnam has received for explicit communication and actions are deserved is yet to be verified, however it is clear that Vietnam has worked to keep their people safe.

There is little to no information on North Korea's current status concerning the virus. The country has reported no cases even as the number of cases in every other country climb. Even having had their borders closed for many years, this statistic is nearly impossible, and scientists suspect that the country has around 5,000 unreported cases. North Korea's current stance on the situation is that it has mandated social distancing and a few other Covd precautions, but is prioritizing its economy over all else. Even as the rest of the world is on pause, waiting for a vaccine, North Korea refuses to let the pandemic deter them.