What Has Made Cuba So Successful?


Despite most of Latin America's struggle to contain the virus, Cuba has done exceptionally well. Even before the pandemic, Cuba had an exemplary universal health care system. Fidel Castro put great emphasis on health care, and so the system he left behind is vast and complex. With 10% of its GDP going into the medical field every year, the country has the most extensive and generous health care system in the world.

In accordance with this dedication to public safety, Cuba has worked to secure its citizens during the Covid 19 pandemic. With the current government system in place the country is able to strictly enforce health and safety protocols. Cuba has mandated that all medical professionals actively look for cases. Doctors and students alike canvas neighborhoods almost everyday to ensure the health of their citizens. Everyone who tests positive is immediately hospitalized and isolated and those who refuse to wear a mask can be fined or jailed. Cuba, while not successful at stopping the spread of Corona, has implemented strategies that have significantly reduced the risk of infection throughout the country.